Flat Out is actually a state-wide homelessness support and advocacy tool for females 18+

Flat Out is actually a state-wide homelessness support and advocacy tool for females 18+

A State Assistance Service For Ladies Leaving Prison

Flat Out is actually a state-wide homelessness service and advocacy tool for ladies 18+ (with/without children), who’ve had experience of the unlawful justice and/or prison process in Victoria. Flat Out has no houses.

Flat Out and its team are purchased supporting the liberties, security, participation and empowerment of all of the girls and boys.

Flat Out is actually an independent, maybe not for income, group centered organisation which maintained by along with female.

Flat-out happens to be dedicated to co-creating better spots, fostering assistance and self-determination for those who discover as sistergirls, intersex, transgender and/or gender diverse girls. All of us have respect for that recognition is actually for the specific individual to identify, and work together to ensure that those that have these personal information are accorded regard and entry to our very own service and advocacy, and supplied constant possibilities to teach regulations about the junction inside personal information with feedback of criminalisation.

The Flat Out procedures group (table) embraces paleness and equivalence by the important parts of government, managing and leadership being underpinned by an in-depth number of standards, strategies and procedures and designate power.

Flat Out receives federal financial backing through team of health insurance and individuals business (Victoria), the northern area Western Melbourne basic wellness community (Commonwealth), and task funds from a variety of sources to boost our ability to produce innovative and good work, advocacy and societal alter. Administration financial support is good for the reason for supplying individualised support and advocacy for women (with or without kids) to manage homelessness, pill and drinks process and numerous some other assistance and advocacy to deal with the actual reasons for criminalisation.

Free financing is brought up through contributions, grants and grassroots fundraising for any reason for smooth Out’s social change and general advocacy get the job done.

Flat-out prospects and gets involved in data and community degree, trying to update the greater community with regards to the harms that take place for females inside the unlawful justice method. Flat Out operates straight with girls could skilled criminalisation and/or incarceration in order to boost the liberties and situations of women in jail. Flat-out will avoid people from gonna jail, and retaining females out of jail as soon as they are freed.

The ideas and ideals that underpin apartment Out’s work need remained constant since apartment Out’s creation (1988). Through people engagement, training and reports, flat-out functions toward using a substantial words inside the imprisonment abolition movement in Australia and internationally. Our personal experience would be that fundamentally prisons is regarded as ancient, terrible and inadequate establishments. Maybe not unlike the actions to abolish slavery; movements to get rid of racism; the women’s liberation action, plus the motion to finish homelessness. Flat Out seeks to focus around diverse communities to get rid of all sorts of difference and unfairness. We come across these exercise as interconnected.

We try to accept the commitments to ladies who were criminalised, family and followers of flat-out, the broader community and all of our funders.

Flat-out Values

  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people’s being the 1st individuals of Australian Continent
  • Our personal organization being operated by & for females
  • Using the services of women that are criminalised
  • Delivering excellent assistance facilities & advocacy
  • Versatility, equality & self-determination
  • Societal fairness & monetary potential for any of
  • We have all the authority to lead secure, violence-free schedules
  • Getting aspect of a movement to finish criminalisation and imprisonment
  • Working for the broader society toward all of our plans

Our Experience

Women are certainly not criminalised or confined

How will we obtain there

  • We’re going to manage Flat Out as an impartial, perhaps not for earnings business.
  • We’ll remain focused on working together with women who is criminalised.
  • We’ll give good quality woman-centred support and advocacy.
  • We shall help female to acquire appropriate and economical homes.
  • We shall supporting women in their own travels to excellent health and health.
  • We will help women to reconnect San Francisco CA sugar baby with families and area.
  • We’ll earnestly encourage good alternatives to criminalisation and imprisonment.
  • We’ll result and provide successful friendly and general modification.
  • We’ll implement the greater people towards our personal dream.
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